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But could the fact that the photographer was hired to take the picture mean the copyright reverts to the original owners? She had no children but estate was divided between his siblings and cousins. I think that is ok. To your other questions: 1. Anyway, I am a final year pharmacy student and will be graduating here soon with roughly 150k in debt. Is the cc-by-3. -- 21:27, 31 March 2009 UTC I can't see any problems with it now, should be fine. They are almost all images of American family life from the 40s-70s. Even IBR tends to ask for more than I can pay sometimes…. First, log in to the account that is suspended. txt file or pretty much anything. Thanks so much. In theory does the computer itself induce infringement? And generally if the publishers get something, none is passed on to the author in any case. A few photos may be usable under the. It is a collage of book covers. That bright line was critical to innovation. Contents• Of course, you are invited to flickrmail the copyright owner to change the license if you wish to CC BY Attribution , CC BY SA Attribution-ShareAlike or CC zero public domain dedication if you wish. Maybe someone could post in their online forum? In fact one case, where the perpetrator stole both the look and "feel" of a designed site including a special application that was written for the web master who initially designed the site. Am truly impressed. Industry Standards. how much do you have to pay? It is at — 19:37, 9 April 2009 UTC By the way, template parameter syntax requires an equal sign after the parameter name like. At the same time i was told because my student loand were not eligible for PSLF, they didnt evaluate the eligibility of my employer.. the wrong date tends to undermine the claim. As for an FfD nomination, I predict that if nominated it would be kept. Have you looked into consulting with an attorney? 01:57, 15 February 2017 UTC comment these have a category - use visual file change right or not at all. NOTE: McCarthy Law can ONLY help with Private student loans. no pun intended• We also will not sell parts for the revolver unless it has been converted. Copyright must be cut - redefined - and a clear path made for the global digital public library that my post humbly espouses. The metadata is just a warning that the copyright owner retains copyright over the images... I would talk to whoever services your loan though, and see what they have to say. 04:42, 8 April 2009 UTC In order to use the cover, the article would probably have to discuss the cover itself. Each project should really have one or more maps associated with it, but the only maps that appear to be available are maps in PDF format from the EU's website. 8 — 6. There is no solution to the fundamental tendency of humans to share their private libraries with each other. Hi Tim, Thank you so much for this article! for more information. -- 20:51, 12 April 2009 UTC Everyone is getting things confused. I might end up in hot water — but the odds are in my favor. The EIN they are now using as correct reference does not show up on the IRS. I have developed an ICE In Case of Emergency Plan for my wife, which includes the location of and password to the software password vault. Can I make copies for this use? I am surprised that anyone saw your post there. The open source software company behind Limewire and its CEO is personally sued by the media industry while it remains one of the most popular applications. Similarly, lots of material is being stolen from web sites and used by other's web sites. Of course, that means maintaining an e-mail address and putting up with a bit of SPAM. You can't use them if you intend to defame NATO which we don't and reusers of our content don't , and you can't use it for advertising I'm not quite clear what that means, but it's certainly not a problem for us. Please help me understand why the Adam image is acceptable and the Noskowiak image is not. 21:39, 5 April 2009 UTC Do you have a link to that National Archives website, or even better to where you found the image? Pretty please! Do I have to get permission from every known descendant, or only the person who owns the physical photo? Always very interesting. I doubt that it will resolve without policy changes because the parties have fundamental opposition to this level of change so they will not voluntarily change the law to fix it. The cylinder latch is designed to leave a line around the outside of the cylinder between the notches. Cheers, keep up the good work. This leap is essential or my post and this one sound too inventive, too radical. Can you help me? — 22:45, 1 April 2009 UTC I would say that you have a fair case for fair use there. This is just a comment or story for you. If the password is short enough, running a rainbow table program such as OPH Crack would reveal the password. I am not an ALA member, just found their logic on library policy compelling. Hi Sam, My advice would be to reach out to the Student Loan Ombudsman Group and ask for their legal advice on the matter. 22 pistol. I want to be honest and law abiding, and at the same time share the images I have received with distant cousins who would love to see them. Do you agree that in his words, "... I think in a country like Pakistan, it is vital that we begin from the grounds up, and ensure that IPR is understood, and individuals know what their rights are. Yes, however we will not be able to replace any broken or damaged "large capacity ammunition feeding devices. That is a whole other kettle of fish. yeah maybe we should suspend all transfers from flickr, since uploaders there in general do not consent to the use on commons. Yet with bits and bites, and all library content more economically stored in silicon, in disc drives, on the Net, even as intangible knowledge, lacking the awe of the edifice of the library, the feel of the leather binding, the gilt edge to the page, and the Lions at the entrance and murals on the walls, this is still a library. or so they think. Good faith is not sufficient when the copyright owner has a copyright notice clearly posted in the camera metadata for each photo. sure, but a That only one copy of a photo exists may not be ascertainable. 13:17, 19 April 2009 UTC free use. Now any company can be sued by a copyright holder if one email from one employee appears to have induced anybody to infringe copyright, years after the fact, making it a lingering tertiary liability risk for the company. I think this is harsh, but it honestly is the way it goes. Which liscences should I use, and are any of these unusable? Today we are working in a knowledge era. com When I was a teenager, I remembered well that jeans were sold in every store, even in public markets. There may not be any free alternatives at this moment in time, given he lacked fame before the incident. State and localities may have different laws. 2 What is the outcome when a borrower works for an international organization not incorporated under US tax laws, for example, a UN Agency?. Are they entitled to ask for punitive damages? There seems no such will or leadership to resolve the ongoing litigation over copyright and the Internet with a similar compulsory licensing of the web as was done with radio. Wikipedia requires permission for reuse by anyone for anything. The magazines for our. , Inc. The representative stated that the account was not cleared yet to be released to me so that I can view it. See , Unacceptable Use, Images section, Item 10. It seems that these pictures that you take to sell an item on EBay ends up on other sites like Worthpoint. I agree, however, I do believe people should ask before taking a photo. Removing all traces of an image, video, post, or other information on a Web site becomes more difficult the longer the data resides on a public server. Why? I honestly thought I had hit the 10 year point in 2017, at that point I was told I would have to finish my bankruptcy. Direct Consolidation Loans If you have any other type of loan, including loans offered under the Federal Family Education Loan Program FFEL Loans , or Private Student Loans, then you will not be able to use PSLF to get rid of your loans for Non Profit work. The concept of intellectual property is a modern one, and much less a historically accepted fulcrum of or our society than what current stakeholders, like record companies and software producers, would like us to believe. As far as copyright status, you would need to know the identity of the picture-creator painter or photographer and his or her date of death. I haven't tried the service myself, but it promises to help you delete accounts from dozens of Web services. However, the ethical answer doesn't seem to count for much here unless you can back it up with some policy... Lastly, the game theory would grant the IP holders destiny of glory if the first necessay step towards establishment is ideal and correct by all measures. Yes. com. Double-action revolvers also are available in California and we regularly submit our double-action revolvers for testing and inclusion on the Roster. I worked at two different non profit agencies for a total of about 7 years and 5 months and have already submitted the employer verifications to my loan servicer. ive uploaded an image and i do not want anyone else to use it bar for its intended use on wikipedia please notify me on my talk page, until then i will list the licence as attribution. That too is a rathole given the end game is a global digital frictionless public library. This is true in the larger sense, especially for inventors, writers, designers and so on. Regards, Taghi Gheisari —Preceding comment added by• 22 pistol? Being realistic is the right way to go — any use of an old photo is a balancing act between the risk of being sued and the likelihood that a rights holder will sue you. Many, many others were misinformed and have done over 10 years in public service. No personal information. you are making up legal problems where none exist. I've found only one photo, a telephoto, published in the Brownsville Herald, Sept 03, 1950, retrieved from newspaperarchive. Should I Apply for Non Profit Forgiveness? Consequently, we could, say, wait for an indefinite period to see if the Flickrstream owner replies to my email, and evidence of that effort to determine copyright would be sufficient legal protection against future claims; so deleting these files within 7 days may be precautionary but logically and legally is not a necessity. Should I email the authors of the article? 16:19, 10 April 2009 UTC From EricdeKolb I am going to be using a cc-by-3. If I send my firearm to Ruger for repair with my high capacity magazines, will my magazines be returned to me? The data is not available in the article. the author transfers portions of the rights to different people for example, giving half to each child , or• You have given me more information on how to handle this, I hope. This is for two reasons. With regard to the claim that a decision was made to "protect Commons from any legal problems", I find this an odd statement as there literally can be no legal problem for either Commons or volunteers who make the upload in good faith. They gave the slides to your father in the estate and, presumably, all of the rights to the slides as well. Babelfish tells me that this is a page listing examples of documents not eligible for copyright protection, but is the PDF from Ladbergen included in these provisions? Hello, I work for a hospital which is non-profit, and I believe I have the type of loans which qualify for loan-forgiveness. They refuse to give permission for us to use the work, and claim to have have tried to delete it a few times. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck! I said that based on , which says that uploading pdf requires a configuration change perhaps old info? when it isn't. you have no example where an uploader has changed the "label" - why make stuff up? with the exception of 1917,18,19,20,and 1921. If only you lived in New Mexico haha. Your debt will probably even grow further over time, since you are going to be accumulating more interest each year than your tax returns could cover. you are arguing about risk with no data whatsoever. " There will always be two sides for any proposition of societal impact. 14:12, 7 April 2009 UTC So now what? Thanks again, Justin PS I am married, wife is a Dental Hygienist and makes decent money and is DEBT FREE lol! Wikipedia would be providing an even greater service to it users by strongly suggesting maybe even requiring? Would a non-free tag be needed? If they are animations, they can be free provided the user licenses them that way. Surviving already in an economy where my business fluctuates on a daily and weekly basis as a self employed business person has taken its toll. Free books such as the bible are still sold in hard copy despite being available online without infringing copyright. What about optional moderated threads? The original is held by a great grandson of Abigah and Martha Louise in Texas. Ok, that second sentence just confused me. I was paying on the IBR for about 5 years then decided to go back to school. Then the corporate image started changing in 1990s. The site explains how to recover a lost account name or password, whether or not the account is linked to a Google ID. Those who think this way are killing innovation in many industries and it is reflected in the economic slump in the US in particular. The service offers a form for. I have 30 years to go before I can use that photo in any way and for any purpose I want. You may be able to unsuspend your own account. If you do some other sort of consolidation loan… no dice. The Earwig 09:57, 6 April 2009 UTC Alright, just sent Dr. — 01:33, 20 April 2009 UTC Heavily modified video game screenshot Hello everyone. They were purchased through auctions and estate sales for the most part, however, I have no way of getting in touch with the families pictured. What do I have to do? I don't see how either can be "replaced by a free version that has the same effect". -- 04:33, 17 April 2009 UTC Wikipedia doesn't support uploading pdf files anyway. since the days of FIDO and Compuserve, for their various buddies working on software projects. Finally, Please Help Me Out! If someone lets me copy a photo, what are the rights with that copy? In addition, you must obtain the consent of all co-owners if:• Can you send me the link to the full license image, I can't seem to find it. comment you do not have a consensus for "This issue has been decided by numerous Administrators". Does the Internet itself induce us to be bad actors with respect to copyright? Thanks in advance. — 01:22, 20 April 2009 UTC This image is tagged as licensed under the GFDL, is it not a derivative of non-free image? , on down the generations. This has come about initially from the publishers of materials who, without giving back any renumeration to the authors, granted rights to others to put that material into databases for searching online in Dialog and more recently other web sites. I am searching for images to use in a collection of articles that I am writing about biology. Developing the negative and making the print has never been publication within the legal sense of that term. I would imagine secondly, that there are some restrictions if trying to use a digital image for commercial purposes. Are your loans Federal or Private? Fashion? My answer is always the same. I've removed the image from the article and tagged as as orphaned and replaceable. fair! If you are the owner of the copyright, then yes you can. A short time later a bot told me to add a copyright. A couple of fundamental misunderstandings here. This is somewhat rare for most copyright owners. This is aside from rules and copyright laws. As long as the license is not changed at source, we cannot keep these images. I came back to US now and recently i have recieved new statement one of the collection agency that bought the account west Asset management. 04:48, 9 April 2009 UTC Concur with Ww2censor. This absolutely does NOT apply — as a matter of law — only to studio photographs. Additionally, KissManga was also taken out. How can obtain the license of the TELEMATCH Franchise to produce a Nigerian adaptation? reproduction rights: the right to make copies of a protected work• He was kind enough to answer promptly regarding the photo. Linking to it as you described is fine. This is happening even with Professional membership journals whereby a member writes something voluntarily as an article, and instead the "article" become a long letter to the editor... -- 13:12, 13 April 2009 UTC so if im lazy to do that are there other licences that I could use.. You can read the or ask a question at the. App Development and Marketing from A-Z. -- 08:24, 16 February 2017 UTC It was mentioned in this here and I believe that and have the same understanding. If you want to use the image, you need to go get that permission. Untag yourself from Facebook photos To my wife, Facebook is the Internet. Host countries with product lines that saturates markets tend to call the shots rearding exchange of goods and services. I've had several things of mine show up this way and have had to have them pull it down. Thank you, Thank you… I have been after supposedly cousins on ancestry. It can only control what you do with your copy if it also owns the copyright on the original. One way to tell if you are on the correct setting is to observe ejection pattern. Google their name to find their contact information, and rest assured that you can trust them, because this is a group of Government-backed lawyers who offer free legal advice on Federal student loan-related issues. Please do not modify it. I have a quick question. and 5. - 14:21, 29 March 2009 UTC It definitely resembles the photo Andrew linked to, at least to me. Three questions: Thank you so much 1. I think I might qualify for this debt forgiveness as I worked for one non-profit from May 2006-Dec 2014. 20:08, 14 April 2009 UTC Is there a GDFL form copyright holder can sign? Also, every gun is test fired for proper functioning before it is returned to the customer. so you can get back in if it does, and keep the recovery information up to date. " Does this make such pictures unusable for WP? How does he prove that his predecessor owned the rights to such an old picture? The site will be closed forever. 20:43, 9 April 2009 UTC Agreed. -- 19:09, 1 April 2009 UTC RE: file:Ocbj frontpage. Hopefully, I'll be able to get that before the image is deleted. Also, I would like the image, if accepted, to be used on wikis of other language, and I don't know how to procede either. Even the Olympic Torch can't make it around the world with joy these days. Then, open a new browser tab and. Thanks guys. : could you link to where you have seen this stated? Only certain institutions such as museums, libraries and archives, and not private individuals, are permitted to make copies of certain kinds of orphan works, following a diligent search. — 19:22, 9 April 2009 UTC No need to hold everybody up. It's not a huge deal, but I would be interested to know for future reference. When Must You Get Multiple Permissions? How does that apply towards forgiveness? -- 20:21, 16 April 2009 UTC I'd highly recommend that you do that, if possible. I can explain why this is all O. this little blue dot is our only home our spacecraft" Best to all. I do think my loan is a Stafford loan though, so it looks like I will need to change that, right? One reason you may not find a notice is because notice is not required on works first published after March 1, 1989. The site also rates how easy it is to delete accounts for specific services, such as Skype, Twitter, and iTunes. Lucky for you.。 。 。



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